published on 02/09/2022

« On Feety, my community will find the real Mary, in all her sensuality, without censorship! »

Do we really need to introduce you to the one who has skyrocketed the counters of all social networks since 2020? Marie French Feet launched timidly in 2017 before establishing herself as ”the Queen”, with several thousand subscribers. Her mixed-race, delicately golden feet and slightly pulpy toes are conquering the hearts of Feet Lovers around the world. She shifts the trend and even overtook the American Feetgirls: ”I was in quarantine and very active. I was posting photos from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed, trying to please my community”.

« I discovered my feet, their assets to give pleasure »

Marie used to find her feet ”uninteresting” but since the first ”I love them” in a private message on a classic photo, she discovered the extent of their potential. Taking care of her pedicures and her pictures can take her hours and she loves it: ”thanks to fetishism I changed my way of seducing. I developed my femininity. I discovered my feet, their assets, to give pleasure... even in my intimate relations”. The drawers of the Queen are overflowing with heels and accessories. She does not hesitate to respond directly to the desires of her subscribers to satisfy them. Socks, tights, jewelry but also sexy postures ... the dominatrix loves to play with her feet to arouse desire. While she counts several hundred photos, story, videos...her Instagram account is deleted for ”sexual activity”: ”I never published anything inappropriate, I never crossed the line. My account blew up and I lost everything. My job, my community...I was sickened”.

« I feel limited, restricted. I love what I do and now I force myself not to post. »

The incident will not be isolated. Every account opened by Marie French Feet on Instagram, closes in a few months: ”I feel limited, bridled. I love what I do and now I force myself not to post. Since then, each photo is carefully studied and each keyword weighed. Hindered by the strict rules of the social network, Marie loses the pleasure of publishing and the ”connection” with her community: ”the internet world is very hard and unsuitable for fetishists. There are a lot of rules and jealousy too”. The ”Queen” multiplies platforms and is active on nearly 12 différents social networks, without ever being fully satisfied.

I will be able to be myself again and offer high-end fetish!

This is what made Marie decide to become a Feety ambassador: ”No more Instagram hypocrisy, Feety is a site for connoisseurs and enthusiasts. Everything is designed for Feet Lovers. With Feety, my account will never disappear again. The golden-footed beauty will reserve exclusive content for this new platform that offers many possibilities: ”I will thrill my community with close-ups, oils, a little underwear...I will be able to be myself again.”

« Foot fetish has become my battle! »

Joining Feety is also a choice of conviction. The ”Queen” sees the opportunity to strengthen her commitment: ”foot fetish has become my battle! I don't hesitate to defend this practice and to talk about it around me”. For Marie, fetishism suffers from the comparison with platforms that offer ”low-end” pornographic content: ”at Feety, the girls are selected, the content worked...I will be able to offer high-end fetishism!”.

Feet, it is the most beautiful thing that happened to me

In 2019, Marie is going through a painful period. She loses a loved one and disappears from the networks for several months. An absence that does not go unnoticed by his subscribers: ”I received many messages, love, it was incredible. The Feet Girl discovered a caring and attentive community. If this new experience changed her vision of foot fetishism, it also changed her life: ”I had big financial difficulty and now I can realize my dreams and spoil my loved ones. Feet is the most beautiful thing that has happened to me”. Her Feet Lovers give her a lot and she gives it back to them well, with original and sensual creations. Convinced, she does not hesitate to invite her friends to live a fetish experience and to launch herself on the networks: ”I dream of creating a gang of Feet Girls and to realize shootings in common! Soon on Feety? What is certain, it is that Marie promises beautiful surprises...