Recipe for a Feetgirl: feet, a phone that takes pictures, a touch of boldness, a few accessories to show them off (to be added according to the mood of the moment!).

Share the daily life of your feet and earn money!

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Features features

  • Secure TRANSFERS
    Our financial partners secure your money all the way to your bank account.
  • Subscription
    Earn money every month! Whether you're at work, watching Netflix or on vacation on the other side of the world, share your daily life with Feetlovers and get them to subscribe to your profile.
  • Messaging
    To chat with your favorite fans about the next nail color trend!
  • Tickle
    This is Feety's prestigious currency! You earn them when you sell personalized content in the messenger or when you receive tips.
  • Picty
    Small illustrations that allow you to describe all your photos/videos (They also give you good ideas to create original contents...).


Access to your public/private wall and to your portfolio (your stock of Tickles)


Store your favorite Feetlover's discussions in « favorites » and find out immediately who has sent you Tickles thanks to the logo