published on 30/01/2023

« The future of fetishism isn’t on Instagram, it’s on Feety »

5 years ago, Lolafeetgirl, the 28 year old nurse known as “The Queen of French Feet” posted her first picture online. Seduced by the love and respect she received from her 10K community, she decided to level up her game to join Feety, and become an ambassador for the app.

Some men are more interested in feet than in breasts or butt cheeks

Lola’s feet are a blessing to her whole community, and she likes to surprise them. In April 2020, she finally showed her face and her number of likes skyrocketed! “Very few feet girls are showing their face, I am quite spontaneous, and I wanted to, so I took this step forward!”. The sweet dominator discovered that her feet could be appealing, and she likes to play with it. “I know how to have a man’s attention in a café, I’ll play with my shoes, let them slip… I spend an enormous amount of time taking care of my feet, I keep them well moisturized, I often change nail polish, I have a collection of accessories and high heels. I discovered new sensations and new assets for myself. Some men are more interested in feet than in breasts or butt cheeks!”

The feet fetishists: “are a wonderful community”

This part of her body that she considered as common became a seduction asset and it boosts her self-esteem: “It makes me feel a lot more confident, I feel attractive”. All of this was possible because of the feet fetishists community. A community that’s targeted by prejudice, therefore silent. “They are perceived as psychopaths, perverts. It is such a shame! They are so loving and respectful. They are a wonderful community. Every day I get compliments on my feet, because of them I feel more confident.” She also feels this kindness when exchanging with other feet girls: We often exchange tips, we give each other idea and good plans in order to take care of our feet”.

Women: “It can help them boost their confidence and earn money”

More decided than ever, she is inviting every woman to embrace their bodies, that also goes for their feet: It is a wonderful journey, it is so freeing! I have so much fun when I am making content: popping balloons with high heels, getting my feet tickled… It can help them boost their confidence and earn money!”. On her website, the feet model is offering some goods and personalized content that is bringing her money: “It is not easy money, I have to work, but quality work pays”. Each month her newly discovered passion is bringing her a considerable amount of money. If some women are having some doubts, Lola assure that: fetishists like every type of feet and every size. They all are beautiful in someone’s eye”.

Instagram: “More and more accounts are banned!”

Despite the success of Lola on the internet, the algorithms are getting stricter, which makes it harder to post content: “Since 2020, it has become very hard to offer content to my follower, more and more accounts are banned! The future of fetishism isn’t on Instagram it’s on Feety.”

Feety: sexy, classy, sensual

When Lola discovered this application entirely dedicated to feet lovers, she saw an opportunity to unleash her creativity, have a stronger bond with her follower and make a business out of her feet: “We will be able to have fun without fearing my account to be banned, everything is secured and 100% anonymous! There is a payment system, direct messages, and exclusive content. Everything is much simpler on Feety!”. It is also the identity of the French company that makes the difference for Lola: “Feety is sexy, classy and sensual. There is no porn or vulgarity”. The audacious Feetgirl bring men to her feet, and will now be Feety ambassador, along with other Feetgirl worldwide. Her coming publication will now be on Feety: “I hope that my Instagram followers will join this incredibly exciting journey! There will so much love and exclusivity. I am eager to see what’s to come”.