feetlovers' guide

This guide aims to help you in the Feety adventure!

Public and private wall

Access to the Feetgirls public wall is free. Following a Feetgirl's profile makes you her Admirer.

The access to the private wall of a Feetgirl is paying in the form of a subscription without commitment. You will find her exclusive content : photos and videos ! Once you have subscribed to a Feetgirl's private wall, your nickname will appear in coral to differentiate you from her other Admirers.


This is Feety's virtual currency

You can buy Tickles directly on your profile. You can use them in 2 different ways :

  • Exchange them for personalized media in the chat.
  • Tipping Feetgirls on their content and in the messaging system.

Messaging and Custom Media

You can chat for free with all the Feetgirls. Here are some specific tools at your disposal :

  • The favorite tool allows you to sort your chats.
  • Your nickname appears in coral for the Feetgirl when you are subscribed to her private wall.
  • When you send Tickles in a Feetgirl's conversation, she will see the logo appear in her email. She will have to open the conversation to receive your tip.
    Tip : Sending Tickles to a Feetgirl in messenger is a great way to get her attention!
  • To make a custom media request, you must have at least 1 Tickle or be subscribed to that Feetgirl's private wall. Always remember to detail your custom media request.

Once your request has been made, the logo will appear in her email, and she will offer you a rate in Tickles. You can track your custom media requests in your settings page.

Tips :Courtesy and chivalry are two qualities very much appreciated by Feetgirls

Do you have any questions ? Contact us by email : contact@feety.com

The Feety Team