feetgirls' guide

If you're new around here, get inspired by these tips to make the most of your Feety adventure!

How to take beautiful pictures?

Just like on vacation or at a party: you have to do your best pose!

  • Take inspiration from the Pictys to get some ideas! (see the "Pictys dictionary" here)
  • Embellish your feet with polish and use accessories according to your mood! (Jewelry, tights, shoes...)
  • Vary the angles of view: underneath (soles and heels), on top (toes), on the side (arches)
  • Use the light correctly for a better quality
  • Crop your picture well
  • Use filters with your favorite applications
  • Be inspired by our ambassadors


This is Feety's virtual currency.

You can get them :

  • In exchange for personalized media.
  • As a tip on your posts and in the messaging system

Your Tickles will be automatically converted into euros.

public and

private wall

Public Wall : Access is free for Feetlovers who follow you. They are your Admirers.

Private Wall : Access is paid by monthly subscription. Post regularly exclusive photos/videos content to generate more subscribers.

Click here to see our "Publication Rules" !


Tools to make your experience easier :

  • Your subscribers appear with a coral nickname, pamper them !
  • Organize your discussions with
    the favorite tab
  • You receive personalized media requests only if the Feetlover has at least 1 Tickle and/or is subscribed to your private wall.
  • You can propose a price in Tickles at any time.

how much does personalized

media cost ?

The number of Tickles to propose for a custom media request depends on several factors :

  • Your seniority
  • The theme of the media
  • The length of the video
  • The quality of your content (type of phone/camera...)
  • Your number of subscribers
  • Your outfits/accessories
  • The type of Feetlover (regular or new customer)

Reminder : You have 72 hours to send a custom media, after that the Feetlover can contact the support.

Do you have any questions? Contact us by email : contact@feety.com

It's up to you,
The Feety team